Tuesday, 4 August, 2020

Master of Laws Jyrki Leivonen





Law Office Jyrki Leivonen has concentrated in complicated legal problems of private persons and small business.   Our working languages are Finnish,  English,  Swedish and Russian.   We have very strong experience about those legal problems which are connected with intenational cooperation and immigration.  

If You are going to marry with a Finn or planning to divorce,  or if You have in business some problems for instance in Finland or Russia,  we are the right place where You can ask legal aid.

When contacting with us,  we recommend You to use our email-adress.  Contact by e-mail is free of charge  and in Finland a private person has very often acces to free legal aid,  and You have right to choose a lawyer who shall take care of  Your case.

Welcome and don't hesitate to contact.